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What is 21 Day Fix?

21 Day Fix is a comprehensive health and fitness program that includes an exercise program plus a flexible meal plan—both designed to work together. Read my program introduction below, contact me if you want to learn more first hand, or read how you can join my next online fitness group!

Why I tried 21 Day Fix

I first decided to try 21 Day Fix because I was frustrated with my stagnated fitness level—I had plateaued after 8 years of training and living a healthy lifestyle. I had been working out at the gym for years for 5 days/week, 1+ hrs/visit, spending 10 hours/week driving and working out. I had tried a variety of workouts including a personal trainer, weight training on my own, body works classes and Zumba classes. Plus I'd been eating healthy foods and eating the recommended calorie and macronutrient amounts for my desired weight. With all this my body was no longer changing. The biggest problem was that I didn't have enough detail on my nutritional needs while working out. How many calories was I supposed to add for the workouts? When was I supposed to eat what? I'd even done a ton of research on my own and not gotten the answers! 

My body felt like an experiement. I had plateaued—I was not losing weight, not losing body fat and not gaining muscle. I did everything I could think of to change things up and to move me toward my goal of better health and more strength. Nothing seemed to work. I knew I needed more guidance on my nutrition and workouts if I was to get out of this slump.

How does it work?

When a friend told me what she'd been doing for almost a year, I jumped in feet first. Beachbody 21 Day Fix is perfect because it comes with a meal plan plus an at-home exercise program with easy-to-follow videos. The beauty is that the exercise and nutrition were designed to work together. So no more guessing! The program has been put together by a team of nutritional experts and personal trainers, so it’s as if we are paying a whole team of people to guide us. And this is why it really does work!

My results

So now I'm eating super healthy (and so is our family). I’m getting almost zero headaches (had been getting 6 migraines per month). I've saved 6.5 hours per week because I'm working out at home rather than at the gym. In 6 weeks I lost 8 lbs, 10 inches, and 5% of my body fat! I lost 2” in my hips!  I lost 7 of the 8 lbs in the first month! AND I'm getting stronger. Plus my face has cleared up! Crazy. I could go on and on because I’m so excited by the results.

Meal plan & Shakeology

The eating program is great because it guides you step by step and includes only fresh, healthy foods. It is a portion control meal plan that is flexible so you can still eat according to your likes, dislikes, allergies or food sensitivities. You can also eat out. You get guidelines for that, too. Working along with the meal program is a dense-nutrition shake (Shakeology) that's super delicious, healthy, nutrient-rich and full of all kinds of super foods. It has over 60 natural ingredients, no preservatives or artifical ingredients. It's all-natural and the ingredients are of the highest quality and carefully sourced from all over the world. I love it. My husband and I are drinking one shake per day, replacing a snack and loving it. My husband is also doing the exercise program, losing weight, and getting stronger! So it's become a family effort.

The exercise program

The workouts are great because each one is only 30 minutes per day. Each day is a different workout that focuses on a different goal.  For example: Mondays are cardio, Tuesdays are upper body, Wednesdays are lower body, etc. We also have a pilates day and a yoga day. The workouts are so well designed that they include modifications for every move so that you have a lower intensity or lower impact option. You can work out using the DVDs you get with the Challange Pack or you can stream the workouts online, which is great when you're travelling. Plus, the only equipment you need is a mat, a set of light weights and a set of heavy weights or a resistance band.  

I love this program so much that I became a coach

I want to be able to help others get what I had been dying to figure out for years. Man, I had been going to the gym for so many years and making no progress. And now I have made more progress in 6 weeks than I had going to the gym for years! Who knew!

What you get from me as your coach

I'm just as passionate about coaching as I am about my own fitness journey. I want to help others succeed. I want to see them meet their goals and lead happier, healthier lives. So I put my heart and soul into helping everyone I coach. That's why this last part is the most fun. The accountability. As a coach I lead small, private Facebook accountability fitness groups. In our groups, generally 12-20 people, we offer daily motivation, recipes, tips, general support and a great community of like-minded people. It's super fun and great to have the comradery of people with similar goals. So, I partner with you to guide you through your journey from beginning to end. I answer questions, guide your preparation, offer supporting materials, and support you throughout your 21 day program and beyond. Learn more details on my coaching style.

Let's continue our heath and fitness journeys together!

Health and fitness are my passion, and I want to help others achieve their goals. Whether you're just starting out, are looking for a way to change up your workouts, or need guidance on your nutrition, I'd love to help you along your journey so you can achieve results like I did. You can buy 21 Day Fix here, get the details on how join my next 21 Day Fix online fitness groups or contact me to get started!

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Fitness lifestyle coach, mom, wife, creative director and painter. After the birth of my daughter eight years ago I've been steadily improving my health and fitness level. Now, 50 lbs lighter, 6 sizes smaller and in the best shape of my life, health and fitness are my passion. As a Beachbody coach I am excited to help others. Let's get healthier together!

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